Olivia McKenna is a young woman with a passion for antiques and a penchant for mystery.
Owning her own little antique finding business is just enough to keep her and her Golden Retriever, Molly fed, housed and happy.
While shopping for antiques in a quaint little store, she discovers a body and becomes embroiled in a murder investigation, soon finding herself the victim of a stalker.
The investigation is being handled by a handsome State Police Detective named Josh Abrams. Josh and Olivia feel an immediate connection and attraction.
Can she and Josh discover who is after her before they wind up in more trouble than they can handle?

This book hooked my attention in the first paragraph. The setting, the dialogue and the characters in the first few chapters teased me enough that I wanted to read more. The book is skillfully written and has a cast of characters and setting that makes a reader feel at home and as if they possibly could step into the story. Add twists and turns, a little humor and it’s a winner in my book.

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A delightful read from new author Jane Firebaugh. If you enjoy mystery, antiques, dogs, cats and a dash of romance you will enjoy this book!

An Amazon reader



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