I was born and raised in eastern Tennessee. I grew up with an insatiable appetite for books of all genres. As I grew older, that desire continued and finally developed into a love of writing.


My books are a bit of a mix between cozy mysteries and romantic suspense. You'll find them to be fairly cozy, with no profanity, overt sex or obvious gore, yet there is a bit more romance and suspense than you normally see in a cozy mystery.

I also design and create unique jewelry, mostly from copper and sterling silver wire, though I occasionally use other metals as well. I love adding beads and semi precious stones to them.


My most popular type of jewlery is my line of ear cuffs and nose cuffs. With no piercing required, these pieces look like real piercings.


I have a line of "Roses" ear cuffs especially made for special occasions such as Prom and Weddings. 

When I'm not in front of my computer writing or at my jewelry work bench, I can usually be found hiking with my dogs in the White Mountains of New Hampshire during temperate weather seasons, skiing there during cold ones or occasionally melting in the Florida sun.