The Real Life Molly

If you've read Antiques & Avarice, you are familiar with Molly, Olivia's Golden Retriever. In the book she is a rescue with a few hidden talents that tend to revel themselves unexpectedly. She is very loving and adores people as well as other animals, including cats.

The real life Molly is my Golden Retriever Kali. She was raised to be a service dog for disabled people, but was a bit too fond of meeting new people, chasing balls and playing with toys to qualify. I can easily imagine Kali seeing someone throw a ball while she's pulling someone in a wheelchair, and taking them on the wildest ride of their life.

Like Molly, Kali loves cats and other dogs, and most of all people, but her favorite thing in the world is to swim. She hikes with me in the mountains and can't pass by the smallest stream without lying in it and blowing bubbles. She is so much fun to watch when she is in the water.

While Kali doesn't have the specific training that Molly seems to have had in the book, she does have some pretty interesting tricks in her repertoire. She is exceptionally talented at opening doors and gates. I'm not even sure she didn't manage to open a window once. She knows the back command and will walk backwards alongside you when told to, and she knows how to find things when you hide them.

Her nickname used to be Kali O'Malley, but since I wrote Antiques & Avarice it has become Kali O'Molly.

Kali and I both hope you enjoy our books.

You can find Antiques & Avarice here: Antiques & Avarice

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