Fun with Restoring Antiques

In Antiques & Avarice, Olivia has a small antique finding business. She takes orders from people who are looking for specific antiques or types of antiques. The part of her job that she most loves is going to estate auctions, house sales and yard sales looking for things for her clients and usually finding a few little things for herself as well.

Quite a few of the things she finds need some restoration and almost all need a good cleaning. Olivia enjoys most of the restorations but there times when it gets old and tiring and she has to force herself to scrape off paint and play with stinky, messy paint strippers.

If you have ever stripped wood furniture, you will understand that. It can be fun, but it can also be overwhelming and just plain nasty sometimes.

The Tiger Oak chest of drawers that Olivia finds at the auction and sells to a client was based on a similar one I found at the dump. It had been painted over a few times, but was such a pretty shaped piece that I took it home and stripped all the old paint off, to discover a lovely tiger oak chest of drawers from around the 1930's. There were a couple of dings in it, but, to me, that just adds character.

You can never be sure what you will find underneath the paint, and you can spend hours of hard back aching tedious work only to realize there was a reason it was painted, such as discovering that a chair seat was made from three different pieces of wood, none of which matched each other.

Olivia is like me in at least one way. She loves antiques, especially old furniture and wood items, enough to take the risk of wasting time and energy on the chance that it is worth saving the piece.

I made a facebook post in October, 2015 showing some of the process when I restored that Tiger Oak chest of drawers. I am reposting the pictures here in my blog for anyone who is interested.

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