Tasty Recipe for a Butternut Squash Dessert

The holidays are over, but it is still winter in the northern hemispere. If you're like me, you might enjoy a nice winter squash, oozing melted butter and brown sugar for dessert on some of those cold winter evenings.

I found myself with a nice Butternut Squash leftover from my Thanksgiving decorations, and still in perfect shape, so, even though I am in Florida right now and not having much worries about cold evenings, the thought of that sweet, tasty dessert was nostaligically appealing.

I've found a few ways to cook it that are both easy and delicious and I thought I'd share them with you here. In actuality, they are almost the same recipe. The second one just has an extra ingredient added at the end.

NOTE: There are no exact measurments listed here, because there are so many sizes of squash and people's taste for sweetness varies a lot. Just add the Raisins, Brown Sugar, Vanilla, Cinnamon and Nutmeg to your own taste.

First Method

1. Slice your butternut squash lenghwise so you have two long fairly equal halves.

2. Scoop out all the seeds and either save them to bake and eat separately, or throw them out.

3. Put about 1/2" of water in a flat round microwaveable dish, and put the squash, flesh-side down in the water.

4. Soak about one cup of raisins in hot water while you are microwaving the squash. Then drain raisins.

4. Microwave on High for approximately 15 minutes or until the flesh is soft enough to scrape easily with a spoon.

5. As soon as the squash is cool enough to handle, scrape all the flesh out and put it into a bowl.

6. Add Raisins, Brown Sugar, a few drops of vanilla extract, cinnamon and nutmeg to taste.

7. Mix thoroughly.

8. I love it warm, the best, but it is fine room temperature or even cold.

For the Second Method, simply cook Quinoa, per the instructions on the package and add as much of it as you'd like to the squash mixture. It will add a little flavor, subdue the sweetness a bit and make it a lot more filling.

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